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have another cherry !

I bought a nice pound of cherries in the way in to work this afternoon and Tim and I enjoyed them very much ! but then , , ,all I could think of was that movie " the witches of eastwick " where the witches cast the spell in the woman causing her to regurgitate an excessive number of cherries . ,. . Have another cherry ! rather violently

cherries as you may know are supposed to be good for gout relief , , , so far no good .....


My uric acid is 7.9, my Dad has had gout, and I'm wondering about myself. My big toes feel kinda stiff, achy. But I've been so anxious about it, I wonder if I'm imagining it all. How will I know if and when it's real? Will it just hurt like crazy all of a sudden, or does it build up slowly?
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gout continues in the side of the big toe knuckle
it only hurts when i bump or walk on it

am trying celery seed and black cherry extract for it
am about to do the half teaspoon of baking soda in water too
face kobe frustration ! DAYUM !

out and about with the gout ?

damn it if some old fart didn't kick my gouty big toe tonight on the bus coming home !
the pain near shot me thru the roof !
guess that is what i get for having my foot out in the aisle in the first place !
i have taken Thursday off because i KNOW that i will not be able to get a sock and a shoe on my swollen foot tomorrow afternoon to go to work
so being off is a done deal !
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i'm having a gout attack in......MY BACK! believe me, i know how lucky i am, and i am thanking the gout gods everyday.

i just recently got over being sick for a month, and some of that included spasms in my back. during that time i know that those little gout ghosts wormed their way up into the joints in my back.

and now - horribly beautiful pain!!!
can you imagine the fun i am having laying down at night?
and i always complain that nothing good ever comes my way!
shame on me!
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Welcome Mr. Leto!!!!!

According to Imdb.com - Jared Leto (the actor) now HAS GOUT!!!

Requiem For A Dream star Jared Leto
has been diagnosed with gout after undergoing dramatic weight loss for
a film role. The condition is a form of arthritis and causes sudden and
excruciating pain, swelling, redness and stiffness in joints. Leto's
representative confirms that the gout was "caused by the dramatic
weight loss for a movie role." The condition is caused by the
accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints. The Panic Room actor packed on 62 pounds for his role as John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27. He was required to shift the weight quickly for subsequent roles.

I'm so happy that this wonderful ailment is reaching the masses yet again. I wonder if this will start a gout-inspired movement??
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flare ups!!!

*i am proud to report that i am, indeed, having a gouty flare up. yes!

for those of you not in the know, you can occasionally get a "flare up" in between attacks. a flare up is not nearly as wonderful as an actual attack, yet you feel lucky knowing that the gout has not forgotten about you.

i, myself, am having a flare up in the arch of my left foot - a place that gout has not kissed as of yet. it is quite special - the way that it feels as though you have sprained your foot, or stepped on something that you shouldn't. then that wave of familiarity comes back and you know that you are in for a treat.

can i be a total girl here and say how wowie dowie excited i am to have a flare up at the same time i am having my period? and some people wonder if the universe has forgotten about them...not me!

blood and uric acid....i am woman, hear me ROAR!!!!
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