emaryslyneth (emaryslyneth) wrote in pro_gout,

A newbie

Hello all,

I've just found out this past Friday that I have gout. Some how I feel out of place when I read about 'gout' on all the various forums and webmd pages. It seems to be common in men and people who are over weight.

I am female 21 and well not over weight I'm a bit curvy. I don't know anyone in my family on either side who has gout and I'm crushed at the thought of having to give up seafood. Garlic Muscles are soooooo my favorite food.

Well as I'm new to this all any help or suggestions would be helpful, I've had  3 attacks since June 1st once in my left ankle/foot and twice in my right ankel/foot. I've been in all three times and the doctor until just recently thought I had a fracture in my foot as I don't get the 'heat' form of swelling or the discoloration,

My attacks seem to be mild compared to what I've heard although I've cried once from the severity of the pain. It usually last about 4 days the first day it's towards evening when I notice that my ankle will hurt to bend outwards then the next morning I will wake up with terrible pain in my ankle/foot area and it's incredible swollen. I usually keep my foot up and ice on it and some anti-inflammatory in me and  by the 3rd day the swelling and pain is going away and  by the forth it's gone like nothing was ever wrong with me.

That's about it.

Cheers Emarys,

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