Peter Wang (wang1961) wrote in pro_gout,
Peter Wang


My uric acid is 7.9, my Dad has had gout, and I'm wondering about myself. My big toes feel kinda stiff, achy. But I've been so anxious about it, I wonder if I'm imagining it all. How will I know if and when it's real? Will it just hurt like crazy all of a sudden, or does it build up slowly?
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For me it is just crazy pain all of a sudden - the first time I had an attack it WAS in my big toe, and I didn't know what was going on. It felt like I had broken that toe.

I always stock my body of celery and cherries when I feel like an attack is coming on. It works for me - but it may not work for all.
I'm going to do likewise. I like both celery and cherries.