emaryslyneth (emaryslyneth) wrote in pro_gout,

"The attack"

Okay so over the weekend  my ever deep and dark depths drudges up enough uric acid to crystalize in my ankle joints and cause intense pain... yeah we all know what if feels like "pain"

The doc said last time I was in there "next time you have an attack or episode I'd like you to come in immediately so we can draw some fluid from the joint and test it; that way I can officoly declare it gout."

So Saturday morning at 7 when my foot was hurting so bad the bed sheet was causing too much irritation I woke up and mention to my SO that I should prob go in like the doc asked.

We got up and went down to the hospital where the doc told us to go, signed all the proper paper work and waited a few minutes then they wheeled me back to a small curtained room where the nurse said few more minutes of waiting and then the doc came in.

Now he pulled out a long thin needle, I thought okay no biggie right; I have to have my blood drawn for testing every few weeks I can handle this. He sorta numbed the area then stuck the needle in "HOLY HELL!!!" ( I don't know if we can swear on this blog?) I shouted and then desolved into tears I can't begin to tell you how much it hurt!

Didn't take very long and then he was done, gave me a lovely Loritab and sent me home.
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